The Forex Trading Signals Service

The Forex Trading Signals Service

Launching the New Premium Forex Signals Service

Good afternoon this is Shah Faisal from is launching the new official Premium Forex Signals Service to you and today I'm excited to announce the official start of my new telegram premium single group. I will be posting all signals using telegram and my new signals are based on my ultimate trend trading system for those of you who have been using my ultimate trend trading system if we go here and look at it you know how powerful this is if you trade with the trend you win almost every time and for example, if you have a sell signal for the GBP CAD which we have right here okay and we have a red histogram and we have a red arrow and we have red I cannot see candles it's an excellent time to sell okay right.

Join Our Premium Forex Signals Service

Join Our Premium Forex Signals Service

   Now I'm gonna sell trade I'm waiting for the drop and it's retraced back up a little bit but I know in the next few hours it's gonna just drop like a rock. So that is pretty much all I need to do so this is how I post my singles in this new format my new format is I'm gonna push buy or sell and I'm gonna place a strike rate we're saying it's SL it's a strike retinol place a stop loss or SL and also AUD take profit or TP if you see here

   for example on I have this one GBP see id only use for example here in this video this is a GBP see ad sell SSR strike break SL stop plus and TP for taking profit 7 how I determine the stop loss and take profit in a strike rate is this right.

    I use a Fibonacci retracement tool now this signal came in a few hours ago this is a while back but I posted this when the price was up here and this singer came in I knew that it was getting ready to drop because this was changing from blue to red but I did not have a red candle at that point in time but what I did was I went in and clicked on Fibonacci retracement to draw this right and I go from the last known opposite arrow was in this case is a green all right the last green arrow and I just draw from here up to the current red arrow all right and these are my points all right you have a zero point zero twenty three point six and a thirty-eight point to the twenty three point six is my strike rate this is gonna be for a pendant order that you're gonna place this is a suggested entry point you can either use a pen in order or you can just wait for the price to drop and you know getting it around that point and then the next level down the thirty eight point two right here is your take profit and then the current price the zero point zero will be your stop loss.

   This way you have some kind of like risk to reward ratio your tape profit will always be a little bit smaller than your stop loss your stoplight should be approximately double whatever you take profit. 

 this example what I'm going to do this side is every single day just so you know I will draw a horizontal line right here on the zero points zero draw a horizontal line right here on the twenty-three point six and then draw another horizontal line right here the thirty-eight point two okay these three prices in red are what I use for my stop loss take profit and strike rate okay so the middle price right here will be the strike rate and this right here take profit and a stop loss okay very very simple alright

   So let's say for example this is definitely strong sell okay a strong downtrend forming but let's just say that just never changed from blue to red we got a red arrow but this is tied to keep going blue on the bottom and the price decide to keep jumping up and up and up all right it does happen from time to time but you're safe because if you use a pen in order and place your pin and order down here on the twenty-three point six it will never trip okay and if you see the price that keeps jumping up and up further and up you know more and more then all you have to do is just drag and drop each of these three points and bring them further up okay and you can always come back and redraw your Fibonacci if you want to and 

   The nice thing about this strategy is that you can do all this from your cell phone, you do not have these nice fancy indicators like this on your minute rate earmold you know platform but you can use the Fibonacci retracement you can see just by the bear candles where the high point is where the last low point was like this okay so you can find a low point a high point and then draw you are you know to use the Fibonacci retracement tool and draw your different points very very easy and you can make up your own take profit if you want you don't necessarily use the ones that I give you but there's just a suggestion 

Fibonacci retracement

   I'm seeing at this present point in time it could change you know I could post a signal and then an hour later it all changed you know I cannot predict the future but this is how I'm basing my signal service on and so far my signals have been you know a part about 80 to 90 percent win rate all right.

   They've been very very successful so I'm not gonna sit here and go over all these signals but these are the ones I posted so far today so I'm posting around 15 to 20 signals a day I've actually increased amount of singles I post every day and I will be posting signals during every trading session okay that way you know you're getting signals around the clock and does not matter what time zone you live in all right.

   So with that said this is the overview of my new signal service if you have not joined my ceiling service 


So with that said let me have any questions I look forward to helping you thank you and have a wonderful day 

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