The Best 5 Tips In Forex Trading, That Will Be Make You Profitable

The Best 5 Tips In Forex Trading, That Will Be Make You Profitable

Forex Trading Tips and Tricks That's You Can Profitable Forex Trader

   Welcome to Faisal FX Pro, Shah Faisal here today we're going to talk about five different methods that I have used and that you can use to help you make your trading profitable and this doesn't matter if you're trading automated with robots like I am or if you're doing discretionary trading these could potentially work for you, either way, these are just some of the ideas that I've played with none of them are guaranteed to do anything for you but there are things that I've messed around with in testing and they've helped me build a couple of profitable robots.

So I thought I would share these ideas with you none of these ideas are mine I talked recently in the today article is coming out soon and I'm sure to depend on the order about stealing from others and about working off of what other people have already produced and that's what this is these are the five tips that I've learned from other people so without further ado let's get started.
The Best 5 Tips In Forex Trading, That Will Be Make You Profitable

Forex Trading tips for you can profitable Forex Trader. Those are my 5 Tips for you, To you can Successful Forex Trading.

No.1 Bollinger Bands I'm sure you get this right Bollinger Bands are an indicator and what they are is if this is your price on your chart the Bollinger Bands basically an outline more or less extreme price high and low they're sort of like pipes that show you more or less in that in the recent history where price has gone and you can set this to any different period that you have to do a bunch of testing to see kind of what works for you but I've messed around with trading along these boundaries so when the price dips below this bottom line buying and then closing up for-profit inside and then again at the top when a price comes over the top tips to underneath selling and then closing for-profit underneath.

It doesn't work all the time, of course, nothing is gonna work a 100% but like 90%of those trays in the systems that I'm working on is one that I've just put live recently closed profitably and then you have to figure out how to manage the ones that aren't I get stopped out immediately you're gonna give them a lot of room to sort of growing and change like how are you gonna deal with the ones that don't work out but I like everybody like the Bollinger Bands I think they're sort of like a really easy way to kind of look things and trade based on what you expect average prices.

No.2 Stop Loss I'm using a lot is a very wide stop-loss so basically a Stop Loss that only gets hit in more or less an emergency situation. So giving my trades a lot of room to sort of you know become basically unprofitable and then giving them a bunch of time to slowly work their way back to profitability.
So what this kind of looks like is if this is your chart you know maybe you buy up here and then it goes against you and then maybe the price comes back up and then it goes against you again sometimes maybe travels even lower and but your Stop Loss is so far down here that you can kind of give this trade a lot of time to find the clothes potentially for a profit.
Now a lot of people will tell you to keep your Stop loss is really small so you don't take huge losses and if you're gonna trade with a large trade size that makes a lot of sense I trade generally with very small trade sizes so I can give trades a long time to sort of doing whatever they want and I don't worry too much about it the likelihood of actually hitting that Stop Loss at as far away is pretty slim.

No.3 Backup Trade This is my favorite methods for making a Robot profitable is a backup trade or sometimes even multiple backup trades so what this looks like is you know your prices are moving along here you do a buy and then it goes against you so then it didn't work out then it didn't do what you wanted it to do so then you go and you maybe take a second buy alright and then as time goes on its trade starts to go well the second the first trade is still a loser but the second trade is a winner and when you close them both at the same time what you end up with is a profit overall.

And you can do that multiple times sometimes you can have systems that will take three or four or even five trades in a row over time and then maybe only the last two are profitable but when you group them all together and close them then you get profitable.
Set trades basically that method really opened up a lot of doors for me and my recommended Robotsbecause it kind of gave you a little more flexibility when a position didn't go the way that you were hoping it would. So feel to check that out.

No.4 Small Trade Sizes this brings me to maybe the most critical thing that is honest with you small trade sizes boom little itty bitty tiny trades this is a micro lot and I mean I can't say enough how important this has been in my success so far because when things haven't gone well I wasn't in a lot of trouble because I was trading little tiny trade sizes.
And so to help make up some of the difference to help things still be relatively profitable sometimes I have to look at systems that trade frequently or a lot but that doesn't mean that you can do it that way there are so many different ways to to get this stuff done but I think especially in the beginning a small trade size.
Really helps you stay alive and survive and live to fight another day and then learn from your mistakes and experiences whereas a large trade sighs you know when one bad trade and that's it your account has blown up and you're done it's over and then you have to mentally deal with the fact that you just margin called an account which is not a fun experience I'm sure I haven't done that yet hopefully fingers crossed I won't but yeah that's not good finally the last tip is the small profit target.

Those are The Best 5 Tips In Forex Trading, That Will Be Make You Profitable

No.5, 5 Pips that are not like a magic number or anything like that I just wrote it down to have something to show you you can pick any number but the more pips you want the harder it's gonna be for your trade to make it that far and so you know taking your profits and baking those profits can be a very useful way to sort of going from being someone who's not making money to someone who is I found that I might don't want my systems to get too greedy I want to take the money when it's available to me.

So that's it those are The Best 5 Tips In Forex Trading for hopefully making your trading profitable or more profitable those are things that I've played within robotic trading and discretionary back when I was doing that you know about a year ago and that's it for today hope you've found that was useful and we'll see you next week I guess Thanks 

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