Zcode System in 2020 Review By Faisal FX Pro

Zcode System in 2020 Review By Faisal FX Pro

Zcode System Before you Read Carefully Joining!

hey, what's going on guys welcome to  Faisal FX Pro so today I'm bringing you a Zcode System review okay so in this video I'm gonna be showing you taking you through their website letting you know everything about it giving you my honest opinion and basically just showing you what Zcode System as well for more future content on how to make money online and offline and guys if you check the link, I'm gonna have some links down there that are gonna help you make some money online so it's gonna take you to my number one recommendation and I'll also have a link for Zcode System if you want to join...!

Zcode System

Zcode System Review

this is the Zcode System official website and as you can see this is just their overview page this tells you about a little bit about about the Zcode System okay so once you once you join this is what you will see and I recommend following all of these steps okay there's a lot of training videos on here and stuff follow these steps first I'll show you up here the training videos are right here okay they've got faster webinar district web and is not live anymore obviously this was recorded five or six years ago something like that one when this released so you can just re-watch it okay you can't like call my dog anymore it's just you can just really watch it but it makes if he shows you all about Zcode System they've also done a lot of videos and guides showing you because this website guys I'll be honest that's the only gripe I have in this website it hasn't been updated in a while it's very outdated website it gets quite confusing but they've got a lot of videos and guides on here to help you get through it okay so don't worry about it if you get confused just check out their videos and you'll find what you're looking for on there okay but before you begin anything go through all the videos I highly recommend that otherwise you'll feel a bit overwhelmed little bit confused.

So follow the steps follow my videos and guides okay how you recommend doing that so we don't know what Zcode System is basically what they do is they've got a system that looks back on years and years and years like to like I think it's like the decade or maybe even 13 years like that of sports history in NFL NHL NBA MLB and they've got football on years old soccer few Americans okay they've got history dating back for like I said I think it's over a decade now so this system looks back at the history of the games of the different teams.

 and works out who you should bet on basically who is who's the winner who's gonna be the winner of a team and they give you a star rating if the team has a five-star rating us pretty much they pretty much guarantee I can't guarantee but they pretty much they're good highly recommend you place your bet on that five-star team because teams got like one or two stars and even three it's pretty risky okay the odds will be buried will be a lot higher of course but five-star odds they're below but it's pretty much you're gonna win that okay it's a very small chance you lose that bad so I'll show you quickly with all the VIP picks right here I'm right here this is we're gonna choose your sport okay whatever sport you want MLB NHL NBA NFL NCAA bien CAF and soccer or football for what I call it, okay so I'm usually into NHL okay.

 so I click on NHL right here make all the different games that are coming up very soon if we scroll down they got lots of comments that the community on here is actually really really really popular guys okay it's a big community on you even though this website's quite old people still comment a lot and talking on you a lot as you can see this was this is midnight et that was one hour ago okay all of these are within the last 30 minutes ago okay bring up this was three minutes ago okay so very very active community on here and they're all very very good at betting okay.

 they've got a lot of knowledge and a lot of expertise if you have any questions at all you can just comment down here basically your comments on the forum ask the question and they will get back to you somebody will have and because the people on your trust me guys they've been doing this for years okay they've been betting on sports for decades some of these people they are experts when it comes to sports betting honestly you guys my first got started I have absolutely no idea whatsoever and to be honest I still I don't watch sports that often okay I don't watch sports I've watched it very very really okay.

 I watch NHL now and again that's pretty much the only sport I watch my dad is actually Canadian I'm from Britain but my dad is Canadian so I'm big into an H oh that's why I'm mostly better than THL because they watch the game sometimes when I can but because the time difference doesn't stop sometime most of the time I'll be asleep but yeah so you can choose what's 41 and all of these people who have got the expertise and all sort of different sports then when you come down here guys this is where we're gonna see the games okay so this game has a three and a half star rating okay 

so this has got a small chance that Washington camels would win a very very small chance of cake is the screen half star it's not a huge chance you could bet on this the odds are pretty good so but I wouldn't stick to this especially as a beginner I wouldn't go on for this but I don't feel like the four and five-star lines to be honest if you can see right here this box it tells you a little bit of history about the previous games and stuff like that got the confidence in the prediction, okay so they're betting that washing castles of winless and like the 81% conflict in this one okay 

so this is just one game pesto pounds and versus washing capitals and Washington Capitals are at home your Cato shows the home team on the right over here okay if you scroll down we'll see some more games here we go, guys, okay this one look five-star game right here so this one is five stars on Montreal Canadiens so this is one that we could bet on the Montreal Canadiens to win this game and that would be I'd be pretty confident betting you on that one because it's five stars okay but we can keep score, oh okay that's the only ones that are on here right now not many for a child when you can go to different games if you're into NFL let's click on NFL and see what we got if it loads there we go okay 

took a while but here we go scroll down and here we go, guys, ok so again here we go four and a half star game might be a good one to back down the Tennessee Titans I don't know anything about any NFL, to be honest, I never watch any NFL and I barely ever bet on it and I stick to any time most of the time but uh yeah it depends what I whatever sport you're into it you can just you know if you know into this point you still battling if you want but I just stick to what I know because I feel more confident then again three and a half stars, not the best rating this one hasn't got a star rating again none of these are really good here we go four and a half stars for the Cleveland Browns okay so this one you probably pick the Cleveland Browns to win okay you can read about the history about it and you can be pretty confident okay if the star rating is good and you bet on that you can be confident that you're gonna win that bet okay very really they are actually wrong like I said these guys are experts the history dates back about fifteen years okay 

fifteen years they go back with his sports history he looks back on all of the history like how often they played together who won those games it looks at like this season and how many games they've won how many games like lost how many games have one at home how many games have lost at home how many games have one away lost away you get the picture they look at basically everything guys to give you that star rating so you know they give you a lot of stuff they've also got hot trends stuff that they did you click on these you can follow different people I'll show you a little example so this guy right here his name is a dragon he's a sports expert I don't know what sport ok life football is his forte I think that is yes soccer play dragons a great soccer expert okay life football I don't know if they got soccer here football year I'm guessing you mean the same thing that could mean I'm not sure about that okay this day right here captain sports oh he does bother to things he does every sport depends if you you can check him up guys check him out look at their profiles see what sports are into you can look at the history and stuff like that and then you can follow them and see what backs they are placing your bets they recommend 

so it's a lot to do on this website guys okay and the good thing about this guys I'll have a link down below where you can join this and if you do join they've got a 60 day money back guarantee okay so if you're not happy within 60 days you can get a refund 100% very very easy to pet if you even if you make money okay if you're not happy with it if you just bored of it you don't spend your time on you anymore you can still get your refund it doesn't matter anybody can get that refund within 60 days even if you make money or don't make money okay anybody can get this refund so don't be afraid he's pretty much risk for you guys you will be risking the money when you place the backs but the actual z-code system if you if you purchase this you know risking anything because you can get your money back guaranteed okay so I guess I guys I'll say it again go through there go to the open boat page go through their steps okay step one step two step all the way to step five go through them watch all the webinars the tutorials watch everything learn as much as you can about this before you start doing anything okay otherwise I think you might regret it okay you might get confused you might play some bets that you don't want to okay they've got different bookmakers on you that they recommend for different sports and stuff some sports some bookmakers bookies whatever you wanna call them they don't have all the sports so they've got Maria recommended ones on here okay entirely up to you what you want to do okay how you want to do this but as a beginner they're gonna tell you this as well stick to them to the games on a four and five stars and above and you pretty much like I said I can't guarantee you can make money with this but they those four star five star games they've got a very very very very high chance okay but you're gonna win that bet so that's pretty much it for this review guys I hope this has been informative for you if you've got any questions whatsoever about this please leave a comment down below and I will get back to you and answer to the best of my knowledge okay but I recommend checking out the website guys.
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