AxiTrader 5 Things You Should Know

AxiTrader 5 Things You Should Know

AxiTrader 5 Things you don't know

AxiTraderrader is one of Australia's largest forex brokers offering advanced features and low fees for intermediate traders here are the top five strengths of AxiTrader followed by a few weaknesses to consider. Click Here goto official website AxiTrader
The best Forex broker and best mt4 broker according to the 2018 UK Forex awards AXI trader enjoys its sterling reputation among global investors thanks to its reliable effective CFD trading on a superior mt for next-gen plug-in based platform founded in 2007 in Sydney Australia.
AxiTrader 5 Things You Should Know
AxiTrader prides itself on a smooth customer experience with low fees and support for many trading strategies including copy and social trading AxiTraders can trade CFDs for instruments including commodities metals over 80 currency pairs and indices with a global presence users can also expect stellar service in the language they prefer alongside the ability to harness leverage of up to four hundred to one AXI traders licensing from the UK's FCA Australia's ASI see New Zealand's MFA and Dubai's DFSA assures a compliant trader experience all trading.

1. Low Spread
Low Spread AxiTrader offers EC and Forex accounts with some of the lowest spreads and commissions of any Forex broker individuals can execute trades directly with liquidity pools not only does the slower spreads but also ensures fast execution speeds

2. Advanced Trading Platform
Advanced trading platform AxiTrader offers the world's most popular forex trading platform meta trader for this platform is easy to use allows automated trades and has advanced charting something unique - AxiTrader is the next-gen features which provides extra functionality to meta trader such as market insights in charting.

3. Award-Winning Trusts
Award-Winning Trusts a previous investment trends report based on real forex traders found that AxiTrader was one of the most trustworthy this is likely because the company was founded in 2007 has an experienced customer service team in his base out of Sydney AxiTrader also received rewards for its 24-hour customer service that's operational in over 150 countries

4. High Leverage
High Leverage AXiTrader offers up to 400 to 1 leverage this means that you can trade up to 400 times your deposit on currency markets this amplifies your exposure to the market which can lead to great profits or losses experienced forex traders often need high levels of leverage to execute their strategies however those new to leverage should first understand the risks associated with high leverage training.

5. Advanced Trading Tools

Advanced Trading Tools AxiTrader offers the Ardo Chartist metatrader4 plugin for free to active forex traders this plug-in scans currency markets to find opportunities from a single chart they also have a free demo account to simulate trading currency markets and that shows VPN options in trader sentiment the weaknesses of AxiTrader is it only offers metatrader4 and no other platform it doesn't offer the highest level of leverage additionally it lacks risk management tools such as guaranteed stops that can benefit beginning forex traders overall AXI trader is a solid Forex broker and recommended for intermediate forex traders visit their website to learn more about their offerings.
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